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9-11 America Under Attack Towers Afire Rubble Faces of the Bravest Jumper Buried FDNY Rig WTC 7 Afire
Exhausted Fleeing Manhattan L21 Wrecked Flattened NYPD Car Distraught Saddened Firefighter In Memory E214 Destroyed
Ambulances Destroyed Fire! Horrified Traumatized Horrific! NYPD Funeral FDNY Funeral Consoling Widow
Saying Good-Bye Discarded E214 Treating the Wounded Pain and Grief Disbelief Saluting Honor Guard Farewell
Out of Flags Death of an FDNY Priest Grief of a Child Devastation Building Falling Walking Through Rubble Carrying a Victim Wall of Fire
Saying Farewell Overcome with Grief Bloody Unable to Cope Draped in Flag NYC Closed Statue of Liberty Firefighter Exhausted
Near Collapse 9-11 FDNY NYPD PAPD Tribute WTC Under Construction Flowers Candles Child Laying Flowers In Tears Crowd in Mourning