In Memory of Those Who Died on September 11, 2001
FDNY Rescue Companies, The Supreme Sacrifice

Posted July 7, 2015

Terry Hatton
Capt. Terry Hatton, R1
Dennis Mojica
Lt. Dennis Mojica, R1
Joseph Angelini, Sr.
Joseph Angelini, Sr., R1
William Henry
William Henry, R1
Patrick O'Keefe
Patrick O'Keefe, R1
Michael Montesi
Michael Montesi, R1
Gerard Nevins
Gerard Nevins, R1
David Weiss
David Weiss, R1
Brian Sweeney
Brian Sweeney, R1
Kenneth Marino
Kenneth Marino, R1
Gary Geidel
Gary Geidel, R1
Christopher Blackwell
Christopher Blackwell, R3
Thomas Foley
Thomas Foley, R3
Thomas Gambino
Thomas Gambino, R3
Brian Hickey
Brian Hickey, R4/working R3
Ray Meisenheimer
Ray Meisenheimer, R3
Don Regan
Don Regan, R3
Gerry Schrang
Gerry Schrang, R3
Joseph Spor
Joseph Spor, R3
William Lake
William Lake, R2
Daniel Libretti
Daniel Libretti, R2
Lt. Peter Martin
Lt. Peter Martin, R2
John Napolitano
John Napolitano, R2
Kevin O'Rourke
Kevin O'Rourke, R2
Lincoln Quappe
Lincoln Quappe, R2
John Bergin
John Bergin, R5
Carl Bini
Lt. Carl Bini, R5
Michael Fiore
Michael Fiore, R5
Andre Fletcher
Andre Fletcher, R5
Harvey Harrell
Harvey Harrell, R5
Douglas Miller
Douglas Miller, R5
Capt. Louis Modaferri
Capt. Louis Modaferri, R5
Jeffrey Palazzo
Jeffrey Palazzo, R5
Nicholas Rossamando
Nicholas Rossamando, R5
Alan Tarasiewicz
Alan Tarasiewicz, R5
Peter Brennan
Peter Brennan, R4
Lt. Kevin Dowdell
Lt. Kevin Dowdell, R4
Terrance Farrell
Terrance Farrell, R4
Capt. Brian Hickey
Capt. Brian Hickey, R4
William Mahoney
William Mahoney, R4
Peter Nelson
Peter Nelson, R4
Durrell Pearsall
Durrell Pearsall, R4
What happened on 9-11 at the hands of Islamic savages was on September 10, wholly unimaginable. That 343 brave FDNY brothers could be wiped out and slaughtered in one event is unbearable. In memory of them all...